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Brand Awareness / Tracking

Where branding is concerned, a company’s reputation will precede it. A strong and renowned brand contributes towards customer loyalty. There is even evidence to suggest that customers may be positively biased towards companies for the brand that they stand for. With a strong brand name, other companies will be competing in the company’s home court. Conversely, a company with a weak brand name will always be benchmarked against competitors with a stronger brand name.

Many organisations would ask themselves questions like “What is our brand's penetration?”, “Is our brand well-differentiated from the others in the marketplace?” or “Will our brand continue to be strong over the next 3 to 5 years?”  Brand Tracking will provide organisations with answers to these questions.  Organisations, that have just embarked on the journey to track their brand, realise that the insights that they receive provide them with a baseline measurement of their brand attributes.  With a long-term brand tracking study, organisations are able to leverage on findings pertaining to brand value, brand positioning, brand perception, etc. 

At Beacon Consulting, we understand the impact of a strong and renowned brand name.  We listen to our clients and offer a customised approach towards tracking your brand equity.  We aim to ensure that our clients get the data they need to know and for the purposes they need it for.

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Customer Satisfaction

What does a satisfied customer mean for our business and future growth? Customer satisfaction and goodwill tend to be superficially understood by many companies.
As market competition increases and markets become increasingly saturated, it becomes vital that an organisation understands how customers perceive the level of service rendered by the organisation and their satisfaction with the products. Customers tend to be satisfied when their perception of the service they have received match their expectations. However, organisations should aim to understand how customer satisfaction could translate into goodwill and customer advocacy. Satisfied customers are critical to both the present business, as well as the future value that these customers represent through both their repeat business and their word-of-mouth publicity.

Which point does the current customer satisfaction and goodwill translate into future business? At Beacon Consulting, we excel in asking your customers the right questions to understand how they think and feel, not just what they say.  In translating these answers into customer insights and watershed strategies, Beacon Consulting will decode your customer satisfaction surveys into long-term growth relationships between the organisations and their customers.

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Employee Engagement

While many organisations focus on their customers to drive the growth of their bottom lines, there are also those that overlook the importance of engaging the employees to drive the organisation’s growth in the long run.

How passionate do employees feel about the organisation that they play a role in growing? Are employees emotionally connected to the fate and fortune of the organisation?  Is the organisation merely another stepping stone?

Disconcerting as Employee Engagement Surveys may seem, their results provide an unparalleled gauge of the internal growth of the organisation through its greatest asset, ie. People.  Engaged employees are driven and motivated individuals, who will perform Herculean feats. On the other hand, disengaged employees ride on the tailcoats of their colleagues and the organisation.

For more than 10 years, Beacon Consulting’s “Connect Employee Engagement Survey” has uncovered many unexpected yet interesting insights for many of our clients. Our well-designed and targeted questions allows us tap into the hearts and the minds of employees.  Organisations could then understand how engaged their employees really are and also why they feel that way. Coupled with our experience in training and management consultancy, we understand how employees feel and also how to turn the tides of employees’ emotions.

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Focus Groups

Focus Groups provide our clients with a myriad of information pertaining to the area that they wish to investigate. It allows a select group of individuals to share their thoughts, views, perceptions, beliefs, expectations and attitude towards the product or service offered by the organisation.   These individuals would include those whom our clients feel would have a significant impact towards their corporate goals and objectives.  Since participants of a focus group discussion are never pre-empted about the sort of questions that they will be asked and their responses are always spontaneous, it is often thought as one of the best forms of qualitative data that an organisation can obtain.

At Beacon Consulting, we believe that data collected from a focus group discussion can be applied in two different and yet equally impactful ways.  The focus group discussion can serve as the starting point of data collection, in which the findings are used to identify the high priority areas for action.  Subsequently, the client may wish to follow up with other forms of research to ascertain the current and ideal state of these areas pinpointed.  On the other hand, a focus group session can also take place after a large-scale qualitative research has been carried out, and the numbers have indicated the areas that would require more in-depth analysis.

Whichever way our client chooses to conduct the focus groups, our ultimate goal is to provide extensive data which helps the client to identify and work on very specific areas, in their efforts to achieve organisational excellence.

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Market Sizing and Forecasting

As the global economy expands, competing effectively and efficiently has become more than a matter of ensuring process efficiency and service excellence. Organisations need to ensure that they are providing the best products and services.  This means that they need to understand the size of the industry, the number of competitors and where they stand among their competitors. Understanding the industry ensures that the organisation out-grows the others in the industry.

“Market sizing” analyses the size of the industry, while “market forecasting” projects the likely growth of the industry over the next 5 years. This is achieved through the conduct of interviews with up-stream and down-stream industry players.  In some cases, interviews with direct and indirect industry competitors are also carried out.  Raw data from these primary sources is analysed, based on the nature and structure of the industry, with data from secondary sources to produce the market size and growth potential.

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Mystery Audits

The only way to stay on top of the game, in service excellence, is to regularly monitor and review the level of customer service provided to customers. The most beneficial aspect of a mystery audit is that it captures raw observations from a customer’s point of view and at the same time encompasses customer’s expectations.

Having worked with numerous organisations, we are aware that all customers have their own set of needs and expectations.  At the same time, we could also find a common thread across all the customers’ expectations.  In a mystery audit project, audit checklists first need to be designed based on the profile of the organisations’ customers, the customers’ expectations and industry standards.  Subsequently, mystery auditors are then trained so that they are attuned to the organisation’s business environment and the guidelines set in the mystery audit checklist.  They are then assigned to “test” the service provided by the organisation.  These mystery auditors are also matched against the profile of the customers of the organisations.  This is to ensure that each organisation is audited by their “typical customer”.

At Beacon Consulting, we work hand-in-hand with our clients in their journey towards service excellence.  In designing the mystery audit checklists, we will include the service attributes which are important to customers and will contribute towards customer advocacy.  Each visit and subsequent assessment yield both quantitative and qualitative insights on areas with good performance, and at the same time highlighting areas for improvement.  In order to help our clients gauge their service level, we are also able to provide benchmarking data with similar sectors or the industry as a whole.

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