Customer Centricity

While the necessity of being customer-focused is much talked about and is imperative in the current competitive environment, few organisations have embarked on this journey in a way that yields meaningful results.  Worse still, some organisations will lean towards a training solution as the answer to building a customer-centric organisation.

Building an organisation that is driven by customers’ needs and expectations requires more than ad-hoc training programme or one-off service quality initiative.  It requires a fundamental re-think of the way in which service is being provided to customers. This would include a review of strategy and processes, training, coaching, rewards, monitoring, etc.

At Beacon Consulting, our unique approach towards building a customer-centric organisation has resulted in long-term benefits for our clients and their customers. In addition, it has also been recognised as a world-class best practice for many organisations.  

Our team of consultants provide consultancy for ...

Customer Centric Initiative

Embed service excellence into everything that is done by embarking on the Customer Centric journey.  Our holistic approach ensures that the strategy is defined, processes are aligned, staff are equipped and the culture continues to build from strength to strength.

Singapore Quality Award

Receive a recognised award for Business Excellence.  Our team of consultants work with our clients to address the gaps that are identified, prepare for the audit and ultimately ensure that they achieve the award. 

Service Class Certification

Join many of our clients in being recognised for service excellence.  The S-Class is a mark of achievement by organisations for having in place the core elements that drive customer satisfaction. 

Customer Engagement Analysis

Explore how to build customer loyalty and lasting relationships through our Customer Engagement Analysis.  We help our clients in conducting an analysis to identify areas where engagement and relationships could be enhanced.

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Human Capital Management

Successful organisations have long realised that the engine that helps them scale greater heights is its people resources.  Yet, few organisations give sufficient thought on the drivers of employee engagement.

The need for shorter learning curves, greater productivity and efficiency, ability for individuals to multi-task and becoming the “employer of choice” requires a strategic view to the management and development of Human Capital.  This would include the quality of people who are employed,  the developmental roadmap for employees, linking of strategies to the performance of each individual team member and succession planning.

At Beacon Consulting, we have worked with numerous organisations to help them harness their people power.  Our team of consultants provide expert advice and facilitate the implementation in areas such as:

Job fit consultancy

Ensure that you have gotten the right person for the job based on the competencies required to effectively undertake a particular role.  We work with clients in defining / re-visiting job roles, crafting role definitions and profiling candidates.

learning needs analysis

While Learning Needs Analysis is carried out by many organisations, few are able to value-add to this process.  Having worked with many organisations, with the aid of technology and profiling, we can analyse and provide you with findings that are aligned to your organisation’s core competencies.

development of competency road maps

Ensuring that employees are equipped with the right competencies at the right time is key to ensuring continued growth both for the individual and the organisation.  We help organisations develop competency roadmaps based on the employee’s job role.

aligning performance management systems

Over a period of time, there is a risk that the existing performance management system is no longer keeping pace with developments in the external environment and triggers dissatisfaction among staff.  We help organisations review their Performance Management Systems to ensure relevance and consistency. 

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Leadership and Transformation

For an organisation to remain competitive in the long run, a key enabler is the aptitude of the leadership team and their ability to help the organisation re-invent itself in a way that makes competitors redundant.  At Beacon Consulting, we believe great leaders make great organisations.  Our time-tested approaches have helped numerous organisations in building current and future capacity of their leaders.

The starting point is an assessment of the current leadership skill matrix, identification of gaps through our Multi-dimensional Feedback Inventory (“MDFI”), and addressing these shortfalls that leave enduring results.  Next, we enable the leadership team with core skills through Executive Coaching or development programmes.  Finally, the leadership team is involved in our Trailblazing Workshop Series in order to acquire the skills and knowhow of transformational change.

Over the years, we have helped many organisations in the areas of Leadership and Transformation through our interventions ...

multi-dimensional feedback inventory (MDFI)

Everyone has blind spots – including leaders.  The key is to ensure that these blind spots are identified and such gaps are addressed.  Employing the MDFI tool, leaders are able to obtain unreserved feedback from their superiors, peers, and colleagues, and take actions based on the feedback.

leadership traits assessment inventory (ltai)

Knowing if an employee has the necessary traits of being a good leader is imperative.  It allows for channelling the right resources into people who have potential.  The LTAI assesses leaders based on globally accepted leadership traits and provides an in-depth analysis for evaluation purposes.

trailblazing transformations

Enabling leaders with the necessary know-how to think futuristic is no easy feat.  Yet, for an organisation to propel to greater heights, this is a core skill. Through a series of workshops, leaders are equipped with the skills of being “futurists” thereby enabling them to become transformational thinkers.

leadership coaching

Over a period of time, there is a risk that the existing performance management system is no longer keeping pace with developments in the external environment and triggers dissatisfaction among staff.  We help organisations review their Performance Management Systems to ensure relevance and consistency. 

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Process Improvement

As an organisation evolves, it is inevitable that inefficiencies relating to workflow start to set in.  If left unchecked, these inefficiencies start creeping into the bottom line of the organisation and hinder the organisation from propelling to greater heights.  As important as it seems, many organisations do not undertake a review of its key processes simply because it is perceived as a daunting task.

Successful organisations have long realised that it is imperative to conduct a stock-take of all its processes regularly so that these inefficiencies are identified in the shortest possible time.  By doing so, they are able to make the necessary changes and reap the benefits of process efficiency more than their competitors.

At Beacon Consulting, we help organisations undertake a full business process review, eliminate redundant processes, simplify existing processes, identify fail-points and fail-safe these areas. Ultimately, the organisations become stronger and more efficient.

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Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Strategy formulation requires more than simply bringing the management team into a room to decide the future of the organisation as part of a retreat.  It requires an in-depth analysis of the internal and external “current state”.  This would include competitor positioning, business environment scanning, re-visiting core competencies, identifying opportunities and ultimately, ensuring that these opportunities are aligned to the vision of the organisation.

With the strategy in place, next comes implementation and execution of the strategy.  This may seem easy; however, many organisations fail miserably in the implementation phase of strategy deployment.  At times, deviations from agreed goals result in dire consequences.

Beacon Consulting prides itself in having helped numerous organisations in the area of Strategic Planning and Implementation.

crafting of vision, mission and values

Crafting corporate statements requires more than a group of individuals sitting together to develop a slogan.  It requires a thorough analysis of business strategies, review of core competencies, and developing meaningful statements that inspire individuals. 

development of corporate and departmental strategies

Developing corporate and departmental strategies can be a daunting task for many.  Leveraging on our industry experience and functional expertise, we facilitate the development of strategies that are meaningful, as well as ones that will help organisations scale greater heights.

development of scorecards and performance matrix

Translating strategy into action requires the establishment of measures that link individual performance to corporate goals.  We provide consulting input for the development of scorecards and performance matrix that are easily implementable and allow for ease of monitoring.

performance consulting

Keeping a regular check on the performance of the organisation requires diligence and feedback.  Over the years, we have worked with various management teams on a retainer basis by providing our feedback and suggestions during their internal management meetings.

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