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The importance of effective communication can never be underestimated. Proficiency in communication skills can be learnt and reduces the potential for conflict as well as facilitates better work practices and customer satisfaction.

Beacon Consulting designs programmes that aim to equip participants with relevant skills required for effective communication. They will learn the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication, the importance of interpersonal dynamics in communication, effective methods of delivering presentations or training programmes.

powerful presentation skiills

Since almost everyone knowingly or unknowingly presents something to someone at some point, the need to equip individuals with Powerful Presentation Skills becomes key.  Be it a sales presentation to customers or a presentation to the board, this programme equips individuals with skills of presenting information using the P.O.W.E.R. framework.

effective communication skills

Communicating effectively with others requires more than a mutual exchange of information. It requires an understanding of the different factors that impact a message and what needs to be done to ensure that information is understood in the way it is supposed to be. In this workshop, participants will be equipped with skills relating to verbal, non-verbal and written communication.  

impactful training techniques

Impactful training occurs only when participants walk out of the session with raving reviews of the programme and are able to transfer the learning to the workplace.  Impactful Training Techniques has been designed for trainers by trainers.  During the workshop, some of the skills that participants will learn include conduct of ice-breakers / energisers, content sharing, instruction giving, story-telling skills, use of metaphors and music, etc.

writing winning replies

For many individuals, the widespread use of emails as a medium of communication makes effective writing skills one of the most important skill that one should possess.  Writing Winning Replies equips individuals with the golden rules of writing, as well as a strong understanding of the structure of email and letter writing, grammar and tone of the message.

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Customer Service

Weaving service successfully into the fabric of daily operations does not occur overnight.  For an organisation to reach the peak in service, it needs to establish a customer-focused culture that permeates the entire organisation where every employee lives and breathes service in everything that they do.

Beacon Consulting equips participants with the essentials of service quality by engaging them at the emotive level – individually and collectively.  In addition to imparting skills, our programmes address the mindset – the key to building a culture of service excellence.

service starts with me

The quest for service excellence starts with individuals possessing a service mindset.  Employing a highly-experiential methodology to impact participants at the emotive level, this programme leaves lasting impressions and the understanding that nothing short of WOW! service needs to be delivered.

the art of service

A key enabler of service excellence is the manner in which service is provided to customers.  In this programme, participants will be equipped with skills such as service language, active listening, managing non-verbals and handling difficult customers.

the 8a's of service

In a retail setting, employees need to appreciate the important service attributes that will impact a customer’s perception of the organisation.  The 8A’s of Service ensures that participants are equipped with the necessary skills to delight customers, from the moment that they step into a store till the moment that they step out.  The skills include how to project a good first impression during “approach”, provide “assistance”, manage the “aftersales” attribute, etc.

call agents' skills programme

In a call centre setting, employees become the first point of contact for enquiries or issue resolution.  Therefore, it becomes vital for these employees to project a positive image of the organisation.  Call Agents’ Skills Programme equips participants with the required know-how for providing great service through the phone. 

telephone skiills

Regardless of whether employees are undertaking frontline duties or back-end operations, it is imperative to equip every employee with the core skills of telephone handling.  Receiving calls, transferring calls, taking messages, tone of voice are just some of the skills participants will be equipped with.

handling difficult customers

As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.  In this workshop, participants will be equipped with the skills associated with handling irate customers.  Participants will learn how to manage emotions, diffuse difficult situations and ultimately, resolve the issue amicably.

thanks for the feedback

Be it over the phone, face-to-face or in written form, customers frequently give feedback to employees or the organisation on the service rendered.   However, few are equipped with the skills of handling feedback in a way that turns customers into loyal advocates.  In this programme, participants learn how to respond to customer feedback in a way that reflects positively on the organisation.

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At Beacon Consulting, we understand the importance an organisation places on developing leaders to their fullest potential and the desire to help these individuals unleash their leadership potential.  The risk of being led by an individual who demonstrates poor leadership traits is unthinkable.

Over the past decade, we have helped organisations hone the skills of the bright sparks and groom future leaders to their fullest potential.  Proven techniques, combined with tried-and-tested methodologies, have yielded an impressive track record in improving the performance of leaders at different levels.

visionary leadership

This is a highly engaging workshop that explores the practical aspects of leadership with an emphasis on looking beyond the immediate.  Leaders will be equipped with skills relating to paradigm shift, building change coalitions and inspiring others towards the shared vision.

leading the way

Perfection comes through practice.  During this workshop, managers will be progressively introduced to the “5 Traits of Leadership”.  By the end of the workshop, they would have mastered the core leadership skills such as motivating employees, handling conflicts and building trust.

stepping into leadership

A foundation leadership course targeted at newly promoted supervisors who are new to the leadership role.  In addition to understanding some fundamentals of leadership, participants will be introduced to skills such as core roles of leaders, building spirited teams and coaching.

personal leadership

Many would associate leaders as the “big bosses” of an organisation.  This unique programme has been designed to bring out the best in anyone, both managers and non-managers.  With a focus on how an individual perceives the world around him, this programme covers topics like activate the leadership mind, leadership styles, make a difference to the lives of others, etc.

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Managerial & Supervisory

Ideally, all managers and supervisors should be able to understand the goals, motivation drivers, strengths and limitations of their team members so that they could bring out the best from the team.   However, the truth of the matter is that most managers and supervisors are promoted to management and supervisory roles by virtue of their technical competence in their earlier roles.  Many of them lack the people management skills required. [More Information]

Our range of Managerial and Supervisory programmes aims to ensure that managers and supervisors are equipped with the skills of unleashing the potential of their team members.

managing, motivating and making it happen

The single most important factor in building spirited teams lies in the way team members are managed.  During this workshop, participants will learn how to develop their managerial skills including goal setting, inspiring and motivating others, delegation and fostering teamwork.

coaching, counseling and conflict management

It is not during the good times, but the challenging times that put teams to a test.  Leaders will learn how to set and manage expectations of their team members, give feedback, demonstrate assertive behaviours and manage conflicts in a way that leads to constructive outcomes.

competency-based interviewing skills

A manager’s or supervisor’s nightmare would be having to deal with employees who do not possess the right competencies.  Therefore, it is imperative to recruit the right candidates.  This workshop will provide participants with a structured approach towards interviewing using a competency-based approach.

retail management skills

Managing in a retail setting requires more than a sound understanding of the products and services offered.  It requires the individual to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills without neglecting the human aspects. This workshop equips managers of retail outlets with skills such as people management, customer relationship management, setting and monitoring key performance indicators, managing the financials of the operations, etc.


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Performance Management & Coaching

“Performance appraisal” is a familiar term to many people in an organisation.  In fact, it is a taboo word to some as it conjures negative thoughts.  Many see performance appraisal as that once-a-year form filling process.   Some walk out of an appraisal session with smiles, while others may be in tears.  Instead of focusing on that “performance appraisal”  session, all managers and supervisors should embrace “performance management” as a process that will help the organisation as well as everyone grow.

Performance management and coaching bring out lasting improvements in individuals by ensuring that individuals, teams and the organisation know what and how they should do and take responsibility for what they achieve.  The objective is to encourage team members who perform well and to develop and challenge those who do not.   We have helped numerous organisations in equipping individuals in the managerial and supervisory capacity hone their performance management and coaching skills.

managing for peak performance

Performance management goes beyond the annual review of an individual’s performance.  It requires a holistic approach.  This workshop aims to equip managers with the skills of unleashing the potential of their team members.  Participants will develop a sound appreciation of the performance management process, coaching, performance review and motivation drivers.

the peak performer

Achieving peak performance requires commitment on the part of the manager as well as the staff.  In this workshop, the focus is on the individual rather than the manager.  Participants will appreciate what they need to do in order to bring themselves to the peak of their performance.  Participants will learn how to complement their managers’ efforts in the performance management process.  They will understand how to set their own goals, receive feedback with an open mind, ask questions to find out more about the managers’ review of his performance and develop action plans to act on the feedback received.    

optimising performance through coaching

This workshop is ideal for managers and even subject matter experts who need to coach others to equip them with certain skill-set.  Research has proven that there is a direct relationship between coaching and performance.  During this workshop, participants will learn the core skills of a coach.  The skills include managing expectations, fact finding, listening to the needs of the individuals, appreciating the learning style of the individual, giving constructive feedback, etc.

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Personal and Team Effectiveness

Work teams are the essential bricks to the mortar of any organisation.  Management teams, self-managed teams, cross-functional teams, intact teams, virtual teams and project teams exist to effectively accomplish and set organisational goals and objectives.

In an era of teamwork and customer-orientation, an action-based intervention is the best model to establishing synergy within a team.  Our programmes incorporate elements of experiential methodology, profiling, case study, self-reflection and group discussion. 

winning teams

What differentiates high performing teams from mediocre ones is the ability to mobilise team members in a way that they are inspired, motivated and enabled to succeed as one team.  Winning Teams can be conducted as a 2-day, 1-day or a ½-day programme in an indoor or outdoor setting.  Our innovative activities, coupled with our energetic trainers, leave participants charged up.

good to great performance

The true measure of success is the extent to which one is able to carry out tasks in a way that requires minimum input in order to derive the greatest possible outcome.  Good to Great Performance is designed to help individuals become more effective and productive by taking ownership of their tasks.  They will learn how to improve the relationship with the people they work with and they ultimately walk out with a positive mindset.

unleashing your creative potential

Everyone has the potential of becoming a creative genius.  The question is the extent to which individuals harness their creative juices varies from one individual to the another.  Unleashing Your Creative Potential is a programme designed to introduce participants to a set of skills so that they are able to think-out-of-the-box to face the challenges that they may face each day.

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Sales Development

Sales training is an underrated feature of any organisation. Notwithstanding the fact that sales is the single most important factor in generating revenue, most organisations equip their personnel with the bare minimum of product knowledge and selling skills. Our programme empowers your sales and marketing force with the objective of enhancing your bottom line.

Our sales training programmes aim to create successful sales people capable of building customer loyalty with lasting long-term business relationships. The programme enhances your sales people's consultative, customer-focused sales skills and processes while introducing new and targeted selling strategies.

key account management

In order for an organisation to grow and nuture enduring relationships, a structured process needs to be in place to manage key accounts.  In this workshop, participants will learn how to segment their accounts, identify opportunities and develop strategies to ensure that their key accounts continue to contribute to a major part of the revenue stream.

successful value-based selling

Selling today requires a very different mindset from the past.  While many compete on the basis of product superiority and excellent after-sales service, few are able to sell based on the value dimension.  In this programme, participants will learn how to employ the right selling approach based on the customer’s decision process.

winning negotiation strategies

The ability to negotiate is a core skill that every individual in the organisation should possess.  However, few are equipped with this skill.  Even fewer are able to use this skill effectively.  This programme equips individuals with the skills to plan for the negotiation, develop strategies, identify and disarm tactics used by the other party and ultimately derive best outcomes.

retail selling skills

Selling in a retail setting requires more than a verbal download of the products and services an organisation offers.  It requires identifying customer needs, exploring options when the needs are not met and introducing products in a way that “excites” customers.  This programme is targeted at retail employees in helping them to boost sales.

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Virtual Learning

Make learning even more exciting and sustaining by employing a blended approach.  Online pre-course and post-course assessments could be administered to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme while reinforcing key learning points from a “classroom” programme.  If you have a virtual team and find it impossible to bring everyone under one roof, try our web-based seminars conducted “live” by one of our experienced consultants. More »

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