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Service Recovery: How it gives new life to your business

How often have you heard: “I am never going to return to this place again”, “Service is appalling”, “I wonder how this company continues to exist based on the way they treat their customers.”  Sadly, most organisations don’t even realise the damage that is being done when a customer expresses disappointment, anger, or decides never to return ...Source

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Orchard Road is No. 1

... Industry watchers like Mr Zack Bana, co-founder and principal consultant of Beacon Consulting, said the survey results are indicative of the fruit that Gems has borne.

"I think Gems, especially the various schemes rolled out by the Government, such as offering businesses perks to take their service standards up a notch, has definitely contributed to improvements in service in Singapore," he said. ...Source

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How Can I Help You?

Less than Excellent Service doesn't just dampen the Consumer Experience, it could also be a drag on the competitiveness of Singapore's companies and economy.

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Can you recall the name of the person who last served you at a particular department store or at any service establishment? Chances are that you cannot recall the name of this person who have served you nor visualise his face.

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Service Staff Today

Brickbats fly at frontline service staff - especially foreigners - whenever customer staisfaction levels for the retail sector see a dip. That's when Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) executive director Lau Chuen Wei finds herself speaking up for service workers.

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More Retailers are turning to Mystery Shopping (Chinese)

Find out why more Retailers are turning to Mystery Shopping, and how it has helped to increase their service levels.

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Feeling the Pulse of Customers

Have you ever switched service providers for reasons other than price?  Have you ever wondered why a loyal customer of 10 years suddenly patronises your competitor? 

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Out-think your Competitors

It is nearing the end of the financial year.  As with previous years, your boss has asked you to develop the Objectives & Strategies document which includes your proposed budget and KPIs.  What do you do? 

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Purposeful Training

For many countries, a recent spike in economic activity has contributed towards a sever shortage in the workforce, resulting in the need to import foreign talent from various countries including India, China and the Philippines. 

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Focus Groups 101

In attempting to find out customer needs, perceptions, buying behaviour and expectations, a useful methodology is focus groups.  Focus groups provide a rich source of information from customers. 

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Developing and Sustaining the S-factor

What do organisations like Giordano, HP and National Library Board have in common?  They operate in industries that are highly competitive, they differentiate their products or services from the rest, but most importantly, they are driven by their relentless pursuit of the S-factor – Service Excellence.

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"Hi, I have a Solution"

A call centre is an avenue for thousands of customers to tap the expertise of professionals to address their queries and concerns, be it a credit card query or a technical obstacle for an email account. 

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Get the Right Perspective

Whenever you see a huge aquarium in a shopping centre you will probably see a group of people admiring the marine life in it.  But have you ever wonder who is looking at whom?  

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Pulling in the Same Direction

Imagine how you would feel if you were on a journey that seemed endless and you never reached your destination.  You would soon get frustrated, angry and demotivated.  

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Not Lacking in Will, just Skill

When it comes to service quality, it seems that sales assistants here have the will.  Unfortunately, they often lack the necessary skills to go the extra mile for customers.   

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Service: Retailers rated 6 out of 10

With under a month to go before 16,000 international visitors descend on Singapore for the International Monetary Fund / World Bank meetings, the retail industry has been rated 6 out of 10.   

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